Thursday, November 1, 2007

Been busy in the salt mine

Being too busy to post on the blog is perhaps rude as it implies that I value what distracts me as more important than those who honour me with visits and their opinions. It would indeed be rude to elevate my needs above the calls other make on my time, but it is often uncomfortable to adjudicate between those demands. So please accept my apologies, no offence intended. As recompense I have now posted reply comments on:

Atheism, the emperor's new clothes.

OK, I rose to the bait

Time wasted? An apology

"Damascus Road"

Atheist argument - finely crafted, but lacking

So does God exist?

An advantage of having been away is that I had to re-read the posts and comments and that hopefully brought some clarity. As I result I have not necessarily responded point by point but rather tried to focus on what I now see as the core issues.

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